This is Bella❤️👼🏼

The problem with life is you can’t plan for the unknown. Things can change in an instant. Once a moment passes, all you are left with are memories. I’m so blessed to have captured so many beautiful memories of Bella. Prince Charming never had the opportunity to meet her but with all the moments I have captured, he can get to know her. 
Who was Bella? She was a very persistent and stubborn baby girl. She hated sleep. Her mommy was her favourite “thing” and she used me as a soother. She loved her big brother sooo much, and he loved her just as much. Nonna Bis was her favourite person (other than mommy and Hudson). She would visit us every single evening and Bella would greet her excitedly at the door, take her slippers out of the closet and put them on her feet.
Bella loved to dance. She loved scribbling. She was as independent as could be. She feared nothing, climbed everything in sight and liked to scare her mommy. She had a one track mind and once she decided on something, there was no changing it. She loved food and I loved cooking for her (and I hate cooking!). She loved her dog Buddy. She was affectionate and loved kissing mommy, Hudson and Buddy. 
Did I mention she hated sleep? She would scream for hours (crying it out was useless). She was a very restless sleeper. She slept in her Mommy’s arms for the first year of her life, most of the time with a boob in her mouth. It’s the only thing that would soothe her. 
She got into EVERYTHING!!!! She loved making messes and taking things apart. She would always get into the cupboard and take every single baggie out of each box. She’s get into my plants. She’s climb onto Hudson’s desk and eat his markers. She’d climb on top of her high chair, onto the kitchen table, and onto the chairs at the table where she would get stuck and scream because she couldn’t get down. You would think she would learn but persistence would win and she’s go back over and over until mommy moved the chairs. 
She loved pushing buttons and often played with the printer (it still starts up on it’s own). She’d use her baby swing to help her get up and down the stair in the living room, and would start it up and turn the music on (it often starts up in it’s own at daycare, where it now is).
She absolutely hated having anything in her hair, which always looked messy because she refused to keep it up. She also liked to take her clothes off. And socks and shoes… She’s take them off in the car and throw them, and I’d have a hard time finding them. 
Hudson, mommy and Bella did EVERYTHING together. We had dance parties every single day. Hudson and Bella loved dancing naked on the table in the living room. They would also dance in their car seats.
Barney, Elmo and Abby were her favorite characters. She loved that annoying 4 squares show. She’d try to put her DVDs on herself and would get upset if you tried to help. 
She was essentially non verbal. She started calling me “mamma” the last few days of her life, finally! Her vocabulary included “yah,” “no,” “dis,” “dat,” “tickle” and a few others words. She was excellent at communicating despite her lack of verbal skills. 
These are just a few of my favourite things about Bella. Thinking about her makes me happy and sad at the same time. Watching videos of her warms my hart and makes me cry. I am so thankful to have all these moments captured. It’s all I have left of my precious angel. And now I get to share her with the world!


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