Tragedies are inevitable but they don’t define us; it’s the choices we make that do. I have been documenting my journey through grief since Bella left this realm in hopes that my experience can help others. Bella began sending me signs from heaven shortly after her transition and has been helping me heal. She has shown me that death is an illusion and our loves ones don’t leave us when they transition to the spirit world. It is not my mission to convince you that spirit lives on, but hope that my journey can open your heart to a place where separation is merely a perception.

“Love is a powerful force; it can’t always be seen but is always felt with the heart.” -Angie Carter

Bella was a happy and healthy child. She was perfectly fine the night before, but on the morning of June 28, 2014, Bella didn’t wake up. It was found that she had bronchopneumonia (which was silent – her symptoms were a mild cough and runny nose) and she was septic (the infection spread to her blood). What happened to Bella could happen to anyone.

There are no words to explain the depth of emptiness a parent feels when they must leave the hospital without their child. The day after Bella’s death, I went into shock and stopped breathing. I saw the infamous tunnel and the bright white light, and Bella was just beyond this light. I begged her to take me with her, but she refused and explained to me that my son would need me. She reassured me that she would always be with me. When I woke up in the hospital, something in me changed and I felt Bella’s presence. I felt tingles and mild pressure around my arms, as though she was hugging me. Her presence was soon made very clear and she continues to show her presence today.

Bella tells me that “love heals” and “love is all there is.” She led my soulmate to me and his love has helped me heal (as much as one can heal from a tragedy of this magnitude). I am human and I will have better days and worse days for the rest of my life, but my grief no longer controls my life. I will continue to remind myself that Bella isn’t “gone” but is here with us even if we can’t see her. Her appearance in her sister’s ultrasound is irrefutable proof of this! Click here to read about The Ultrasound Miracle.


If you are grieving, I hope you find my story helpful. If you are not grieving, I hope my words touch you in some way. Please share my blog with anyone you feel could benefit from it. It is helpful to start from the beginning. Please stay tuned for the e-book version (coming soon).

Sending you so much love!

Angie Carter