H.A.L.O.:Lighting Up Heaven on Earth

H A L O: Lighting Up Heaven on Earth is a collection of stories written by an International Group of Heart and Service-Centered Co-authors.

We aim to connect with your heart to bless, inspire, uplift, empower, heal, and enlighten you with stories on Health, Abundance, Love, and more. It is our hope that by sharing our stories that the Soul Light within you awakens, expands, and radiates outwardly to touch the heart of all you encounter in beautiful ways.

You were guided to this book by your Spiritual Support Crew. Within these pages, you will find wisdom, answers, and guidance to assist you in improving the quality of your everyday experiences.We thank you for following your divine guidance while helping to Light up Heaven on Earth.

Includes the following chapters written by Angie Carter:

The Healing Power of Love

Rainbow Blessings

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