We Made History This Week!!!

I was recently approached by the editor of the Canadian Medical Journal of Sonography who asked to include my story, The Ultrasound Miracle in the journal. This is the first time in the history of the journal that they included a story from a patient. So here it is, my miracle, on the cover of the journal! And here is my story, officially in print in a medical journal which will be read by sonographers all over the country! It was a pretty incredible feeling to see my sonogram photo (or as I see it, a photo of my two daughters) on the cover of a medical journal. It’s pretty amazing that my story will reach the medical community in this way. I hope my story touches many more people and opens them up to a new reality where love never dies.

Journal cover and article © 2018 Canadian Journal of Medical Sonography

6 Days Old

Baby Aria is anything but ordinary. She is only 6 days old but seems much older than this. There’s something “different” about her. She’s way too aware of her surroundings and you can see that there’s a lot going on in her mind. She’s so interesting to watch and I’m intrigued by her. Yesterday, she was moving her wrist in front of her face and you could see her make the connection that she was moving her own wrist. Newborns don’t smile real smiles but she reacts to your voice with a loving gaze and a smile. She has a calming energy and her presence is soothing. She is pure love. She’s beyond anything I ever imagined! 💕
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Introducing Our Rainbow🌈

Our Rainbow Has Arrived!🌈Introducing Aria Isabella Armstrong 

Born March 25 at 4:21 am 

7 lbs 15 oz, 21″ long

She came during a snow storm and made a quick grand entrance that took us all by surprise. Our hearts are so full of love! ❤️ Baby Aria is doing well but I’m struggling with some complications and am on bed rest. I was planning a more heartfelt post than this to make the announcement but I don’t have the energy for it just yet and wanted to let the world know she arrived. It’s time to take care of me now but I’ll share more when I am able to.

The Waiting Game…

The last few weeks of pregnancy are always the longest. This can also be the most special time as you prepare for the birth of your baby. It’s an opportunity to pamper yourself and do all you can to keep comfortable. It’s also a time to bond with baby and I have been enjoying watching her move and react to my touch. It’s been incredible!
But waiting isn’t easy. I’m exhausted and uncomfortable. Days are long, but nights are longer. I’m battling insomnia which is affecting my immune system. I’m restless. And itchy! And the only cure is birth.
We have been expecting our rainbow to make her appearance any day for a week, but we continue to wait as patiently as possible. Planning for the big day hasn’t been easy but I managed to get through some pretty heavy obstacles over the last few weeks. The stress was weighing me down. I realize that this isn’t something I can fully plan for as it’s out of our control when she decides to arrive. She will come when she’s ready. I just hope that is soon!
Our lives are about to change forever as we welcome a baby created in pure love. I feel blessed this little soul chose us to love and protect her, and I couldn’t imagine experiencing this journey with anyone else. We are ready!



Miracles surround us. Life is a miracle. 

Birth is a miracle.

Every child is a miracle. 
Today, I am grateful for my rainbow miracle. I am excited to experience the miracle of childbirth once more. I wait patiently as I bond with my baby and watch her grow. I feel blessed to watch my family bond with her too. She has been moving so much lately; it’s incredible to be able to see her move inside of me. Today, I was able to see her leg move across my belly. These are the moments to cherish and hold on to. I am grateful I captured this moment on video. 

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#Miracles #CherishMoments #StayStrong❤️

Look Past The Darkness To See The Rainbows


I feel sad. A dark haze envelops me. It’s constantly there although it’s easier to ignore when the sun shines through. Sunny days are rare but I embrace the sun when it chooses to show itself. Dark clouds build but the sun refuses to let it take over. It has become more challenging to look for the sunny moments so these days I wait patiently for the bright moments to make their appearance. Those who surround me hold these beams of light.

I feel exhausted. I stay focused on what needs to be done. I set small goals and then feel defeated every time I fail to accomplish the things I plan to. All of my energy is going to my rainbow baby. It’s about taking care of baby first and getting things accomplished when I can.

I am quiet but calm. I have settled in to this uncomfortable place. I shed my skin and try to blend in but the scars of child loss are much too dark to camouflage, even in this dark haze. I accept that. My scars are now a part of who I am and I chose to live without a mask.

Scars can make others feel uncomfortable, especially when you show them off to the world. The people who care enough to look past the scars and into the pain are the ones who will get see the rainbows!

We Are Having A Rainbow!


Our Family ❤️

No amount of time could have prepared me for this moment. I don’t think I will ever feel ready to embark on this journey. But it has begun. It’s real. And there is no going back.

The instant that double line appears, a million thoughts begin to flood your mind. In the chaos of emotions, you sort through all your wishes and fears. You feel excitement, bliss, anxiety and panic all at the same time.

Is it too soon? Am I ready? How can this be happening? How will Hudson take the news? What this affect the rest of the family?

A rainbow appears at the end of a storm. The term “rainbow baby” is given to a child conceived after the loss of a child.

We are having a RAINBOW!!!!

Bella has been a busy angel❤️👼

Bella has been a busy angel❤️👼

Photo credit: Kate Demore Photography