July 2, 2014

Today is about acceptance and forgiveness. Tragedies allow you to see what is truly important in life. We so often take things for granted and lack appreciation of what is right in front of us. We may even think we know how blessed we are but it isn’t until we lose all that matters that we can see blessings for what they were. Today I choose to accept things for what they are, people for who they are, and myself as I am. I chose this life because I am strong enough to live it. I hope that in living it, I can I change the lives of others. Today I choose to forgive those who have hurt me in the past, forgive what they have done, and I choose to forgive myself. Bella was here to serve a purpose and I choose to share her purpose with the world because sharing gives her even more purpose, so let your light shine, baby girl, on all those who are willing to listen. Thank you for helping me #StayStrong

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