My Experience in Maui

It’s my last day in Maui. I knew before arriving that there was something special about this place. Maui is an energy vortex, the heart chakra of planet earth. It’s the ideal place to go to heal a broken heart. It’s also the rainbow state where everyone greets you with love. Bella knew exactly what she was doing when she sent me here💕
What I hadn’t expected was the depth of emotion I feel about this island. I feel the love deep in my bones and it radiates within me. Love for nature, love for others, and most importantly, love for myself.
The sights on Maui moved me in a way I have never experienced. Everything is so beautiful, it brings me to tears. Every tear I shed felt wonderful as each were drops of gratitude escaping from the depths of my soul. 
I came here to attend a “Writing From Your Soul” workshop with Wayne Dyer and Doreen Virtue. I was surrounded by like-minded souls, each on their own journey, every one with a story to tell. It was comforting to be heard without being judged and to listen and understand that I’m not alone. No one is ever alone. There is something greater in every single one of us that connects us. This force pulled each of us to Maui for the same reason and each of us will leave somehow different than when we arrived. 
I took a huge leap in coming here, completely stepping out of my comfort zone. I’m so thankful I had the courage to do it. I had lost myself but feel connected again. I have been able to reconnect with Bella. I haven’t felt alone during this trip because I feel her here. I hear her words.
Bella wants me to let go of the pain. She tells me there are big things to come for us and I need to heal in order to complete this mission. She tells me life with her “wasn’t meant to be easy. I was here to teach.” She taught me many things in her short life, including how far I could be pushed until I broke. Bella broke me, but this allowed me to break through after she left me. 
I haven’t explored these dark parts of my journey yet in fear that it would lead me back to death. Literally feeling that it could kill me. It already did once and as wonderful as heaven is, I have too much work to do here and can’t go home just yet. But I now feel ready to do this difficult work. In doing so I will learn even more lessons from my daughter. Then I can teach them to the world.
We fight to hold on and we fight to let go. I am finally ready to let go. 

My offering to Pele, which included Bella’s ashes, a piece of quartz from back home (from my soul sister) and love and protection in the form of Young Living’s White Angelica (essential oil) . Pele accepted it with honour and gratitude💕

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