Bella’s First Angelversary 

Angels come in different forms. They come to help us at the most unexpected times. They advise us, guide us, save us. My experience is a little different than most people’s angel encounters as I gave birth to mine. I held her, rocked her, fed her, slept with her. She is a part of me. She was born into a physical body and lived here for 19 months. She was a gift, the greatest blessing I could have hoped for. She came and woke me up. She taught me that nothing is more precious than time; spend it wisely. Life is sacred; cherish it. Nothing lasts forever so don’t waste a moment. Enjoy it when things are good and appreciate the lessons struggles bring. Look for rainbows because every storm has one. It’s the beauty in life that makes it worth living so don’t waste your time looking for darkness. Tell the people you love how grateful you are for them. Be thankful for all the miracles in life. If you open your eyes you will see that they exist everywhere.
I am grateful for my family. They surrounded me with love today and we once again held each other up. We sent pink balloons up to Bella in heaven. At one point the balloons formed a heart, although I didn’t capture a picture of it as I was staring in awe. 
A year ago today, my angel got her wings. Happy Angelversary sweet baby girl. Thank you for choosing me💕

I shared some of Bella with Larder Lake.
The strongest boy I know❤️

“I love SIS”

Balloon release. You can kind of see the heart (it had begun separating by the time I captured it).


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