A Year Since Goodbye

A year ago today we said goodbye to our princess. We celebrated her life and all the love and lessons she brought. A princess party for my Bella Angel.
I’ve been gathering my writings and organizing them as I prepare to start my book. Reading back to where I was so soon after her transition amazes me. I honestly don’t remember much from the weeks following that tragic day. I remember how numb I felt. I remember feeling her arms around me, constantly hugging me. I remember the moment I allowed myself to feel pain and how in that moment, I stopped breathing. I almost died, or perhaps I did die. Whatever happened that day changed me.

I now see how my “death” happened to allow me to see beyond what my human self could perceive. I knew my truth and immediately wanted to share what I knew with the world in hopes of helping others heal. Even though parents aren’t supposed to outlive their children, it happens every day. The sad part is that not everyone can see that their child never left them. Bella is not dead and her energy, her consciousness, is still very prominent in my home and I expect it will always be this way. 
I may wonder how I could have been so strong so soon, but I’ve always known the answer. Bella wouldn’t have it any other way.
I don’t remember ever reading her obituary but it was beautiful and perfect, just like her. Thank you, family, for taking care of things when I couldn’t. I love you all so much.❤️

Click HERE to read Bella’s obituary.

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