Love Heals

Perspective is everything. No matter what has happened in the past, one should never allow history to set the precedent for the future. Nothing is ever a guarantee. 

Outcomes cannot be predicted; we can only do the best we can under the circumstances. How we handle a situation is our choice, and every choice made inevitably affects the outcome. 
I have learned that as long as you react with love, everything works itself out in time. Patience plays a vital role as it allows us to be mindful and stay present. This awareness nurtures the soul and enables us to make thought out decisions rather than react in animosity.

All beautiful things take time to grow. Flowers take time blossom and we must experience the storm before the rainbow appears. Be patient and you will witness the miracles life has to offer. 

The greatest gift in life is that of true love and I accept this love with open arms and an open heart. A love so honest and true, nothing can alter it’s majestic beauty. I promise a life of patience and presence. I promise you will always be a priority. I promise nothing but openness and truth. I promise to stand beside you no matter what stands before us. Not only until the day I die, but until the end of time. 

Nothing can dull this sparkle and as we choose to step into the light, the shadows of anger are unable to touch us. We act in love. We practice patience and hold on to faith that all will come full circle. 

Love heals. Love is. We.

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