A Needed Reminder

I had an emotional moment in the store today. I haven’t heard from Bella in a while so this was very much appreciated as it was a reminder that she is always with me even when the signs are not so obvious. A few weeks before Aria was born, I found a gift certificate a friend had given Bella when she was born. I thought I had used it years ago. The store has since changed owners but I brought it in anyway and the owner signed it and said she would accept it. I decided that since it was Bella’s money, she would want to buy her baby sister something special with it. I went back to the store today feeling that the right gift would be there for Aria. It was hiding behind a picture frame and I almost didn’t see it (like Bella would let that happen). I knew right away it was exactly what Bella would have chosen.

To Aria, From Bella with Love

Because Aria is my little piece of heaven on earth.


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