Mother’s Day Love

Sometimes challenging times offer welcome distractions. It doesn’t change anything but rather postpones the inevitability of grief. You have to feel pain in order to get past it, but my pain remains ignored once again as I focus on my health and the wellbeing of my baby girl. Sickness has taken over but we are finally overcoming it.
Today is Mother’s Day, which I have been dreading all week. The pain of child loss is present ever day of the year, but Mother’s Day adds salt to the wound. Today, the constant reminder is before my eyes that Bella isn’t here with me. I am a mother of 3 but will only see two of my babies today. I’m aching inside.
But I need to stay focused on the blessings I have, the memories I cherish, and the people who are beside me. Today I will fight to suppress my grief in order to enjoy my other two babies, my amazing man, my mother and my Nonna. Today I will #StayStrong❤️
I’m thinking of all Angel Moms today and sending love to all of you. We come in different forms, none any more or less significant than the rest. No matter how old your child was when they passed, whether they lived outside of your womb, or if you’re mourning the child you were unable to create, today is your day too. Please take some time for YOU today in honour of our children who are with us in a different form. XO

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