This is Something!

I managed to capture a very special moment tonight and as I watched it over and over, I realized that this needs to be shared. My Nonna (Nonna Bis to my kids) had a very special bond with Bella that is rare. She saw Bella every single day and was as broken as I was when she left the physical world. That spark that lit up whenever she saw Bella went up in smoke almost 2 years ago and Nonna hasn’t been the same since. None of us have been the same, but it was magnified for Nonna. I thought I would never see that spark again. Aria has been a fussy baby but has made many changes this past week and tonight Nonna was finally able to hold her without her fussing. Aria was very happy to see her Nonna Bis, and Nonna’s reaction is priceless. Her spark is back!!! Tonight I am grateful to have witnessed this and I am sharing this to provide hope to others coping with loss. That hole in your heart will never fully heal but it doesn’t mean the light won’t find a way in. There are better days ahead.

Click HERE to view the video.

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