Every parent’s worst fear is for something terrible to happen to their child. We all do the best we can to protect our babies, but reality is sometimes bad things happen. Unexplainable things. Tragedies that tear us apart at our core. This past June 28, the unimaginable happened to us when our baby Bella left this world. 
Bella was 19 months old. A very special spirit, she touched everyone who ever came into contact with her. She had depth to her soul that no child could possibly possess. She was here for a reason and now it’s up to us to fulfill her purpose and keep her memory alive.
When a child dies, everyone around that child is affected. It shook the ground in our small community and friends and strangers from all over have reached out to us to show their love and support. We could never express our gratitude as words are insufficient, but know that it has touched us in ways we never knew existed. 
Now that she is gone, it is up to us to keep her memory alive and in order to do that, we need your help. We plan to build a memorial for Bella in a local park. Plans include a pink park bench, flower pots, and hopefully an oak tree (the acorns are currently sitting in soil mixed with Bella’s placenta and ashes – a tree of life). Anything extra will be going towards improving Larder Lake’s playground. 
Please note that a Birthday Bash to celebrate Bella’s 2nd Birthday will be taking place on November 15 in Kirkland Lake, featuring 3 very talented local bands to help us raise money. Space will be limited. Details will be posted soon.
Click HERE to donate to Bella’s Memorial Fund.

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