This morning I lay in bed with a huge smile on my face. It seems impossible for someone to be so happy yet so broken at the same time. Bella has been sending me gifts and I’m trying to soak it all in.
I’ve had some mixed feedback about Bella’s birthday bash so I want to clear up a few things. First of all, let me ask “What is a Birthday?”
We celebrate birthdays as a way to celebrate the day a person was born. It’s not about celebrating becoming older. It’s not about cake or presents. Somehow the concept of what a birthday is got spoiled and the true meaning was lost. 
A birthday is for parents to celebrate the day they became parents. The anniversary of the best day of 2 peoples lives as they welcome a new life that they created. It’s so sacred! 
A birthday bash for my daughter may be very selfish. I’ll admit it… This birthday bash is more for Bella’s father and me than anyone else. All I ask is that people please respect this. 
The day Bella was born was the best day of my life. I’m sure Shawn would say the same thing.
I was approached by an amazing person who wrote a song for Bella and wanted to hold an event to play this song for us, and suggested that any money raised be donated to us. This was a beautiful gesture, but the thought of us getting money didn’t sit well, so I began researching ideas of what I could do with any money raised. I found a pink park bench and knew I had to get one for Bella. 
Bella’s father and I talked about it and more people wanted to be involved so the idea quickly evolved. Her birthday was approaching and I desperately wanted to have it as a celebration of the day she came into this world. Selfish, yes. Wrong? Hardly… 
Bella is still very much alive. I am serious when I say she talks to me. My psychiatrist knows she talks to me and his report states that I am not crazy! She tells me how much she appreciates what I am doing for her and is actually very excited about her party. She may never be “2 years old” but her birthday will always be the anniversary of the best day of my life. To Bella, she is not dead (and does not like when I say that word). Bella transitioned to a higher dimension. She is HERE and continues to be ALIVE, just not in the physical 3rd dimensional world we perceive.
Bella wants to redefine “death” to help humans understand that it’s not at all what we perceive it to be. The rainbows I see everywhere I go, rocks I find in strange places, and odd things that occur on a daily basis, are all signs from Bella, my guardian angel, making sure I KNOW that she’s here with me. Yesterday she sent me a song to tell me that I am “never alone” (Lady Antebellum) and the lyrics of that song are very real to her and I. 
This “birthday bash” is a party for Bella’s father and I, our families, friends, and anyone else who wants to be a part of it. It’s a pub, a party for adults, a celebration our angel. 


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