The roller coaster of grief continues, although right now I am at the highest point. It’s difficult to comprehend the mixed emotions I am currently feeling. I am still broken, but I think the pieces are slowly coming back together.
Bella often talks about love. She says that “love is the answer” and “love will heal all.” I know that Bella is referring to much bigger things (like the state of the world), but it can also be applied to my current state. Love is the answer to how I will heal my broken heart! It will never fully heal, but the process has definitely begun.
After all that I have been through, it seems foreign to feel happiness. It’s so easy to let the positivity take me away, and because I am capable of feeling it, I have decided to give in to it. I am allowing myself to be happy. I am purposely taking a break from healing, which in itself IS healing. 
It takes a lot of hard work to cope with grief. It’s a challenge, and every day is different. It’s also a lot of work to remain happy, especially when there’s a huge hole in your heart. When love finds you, it’s ok to let it fill that hole. Love has found me, and for that I can thank Bella. She led love to me.
I still have a lot of emotional work to do in order to heal, but I deserve happiness and have decided to succumb to it. Bella says she is best able to feel me when I am happy, and this is her way of ensuring that she can feel me. Thank you, Bella❤️

#StayStrong❤️ #LoveIsTheAnswer

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