This morning I lay here feeling broken, but not because of Bella. I have felt Bella’s presence all around me these last few weeks and the signs were out of this world. She has brought people to me and has sent me gifts through people who knew these gifts were from Bella. My life has felt like a movie, and maybe one day it will be. 
I’ve been on the road a lot and have met people from all over. I’ve learned that an excuse for a trip does not mean it’s the reason for it. Purpose goes deeper than what can be seen and is sometimes anything but obvious. I have learned that my intuition guides me. I’m getting more confident in my gut and learning that it is never wrong. My instincts are always bang on but I often misinterpret the details. I see into peoples souls. You can learn a lot about someone just by looking into their eyes. I see kindness everywhere I look, but that may be because I am searching for if. 
I understand and accept that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes it’s difficult to see what that reason could be, but I believe that time will reveal reasons presently unknown. Sometimes the things that cause us the greatest pain are actually blessings in disguise. Sometimes the greatest wounds are what change us, wake us up and help us become the person we are supposed to be. 
This broken feeling won’t be going away any time soon but I do believe in justice. I also know that Bella is here helping any way she can. The rainbows and gifts are proof. I expect this Christmas to be the most difficult ever and the glimmer of hope I had for our family has been shattered. I’ll keep reminding myself that everything happens for a reason. #StayStrong❤️

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