Bella’s Bash and Angel Cards

This past Saturday night we celebrated Bella’s birth with family, close friends, and many others who were touched by my little angel. It was so clear that Bella was there partying with us; her presence was strong. The room was bursting at the seams with love and support. It was a night I wish I could freeze in time and go back to on my difficult days. 
People expressed very mixed opinions about the fundraiser. Most people were very supportive, although a few didn’t understand what the purpose was or how it would benefit anyone and chose to be critical. I can honestly say it was the best thing I’ve ever done! So much healing occurred that night and it also allowed me to do something for Bella, which helped me get through a very difficult week. 
I couldn’t say what we were fundraising for but made the big announcement at the Bash, so here it is. Tentatively, we are raising money for a splash park in Bella’s memory. It will be a process and a lot of work, but this is our goal. The idea started with a park bench, and a friend took the idea and ran with it. Bella’s Birthday Bash was just the first of many fundraisers to come. Any help is always appreciated, whether it be help fundraising, donations, or much needed emotional support. To make a donation, go to
The original purpose of the bash was to distribute “Bella Angel” cards and ask people to do a random act of kindness for someone and give them a card asking them to pay it forward. I’ve mailed out many to friends and family and have more to send out, but you can print them yourself and glue them together. According to Bella, LOVE is the answer and will HEAL ALL, so PLEASE help us SHARE THE LOVE by using Bella’s cards! You can download the PDF file here:
I haven’t had much energy since the party and am struggling to write this, but it is important for me to share this. Today was another difficult day as we said goodbye to Bella’s Papa D. The difficult days continue to come, but it’s important to #StayStrong❤️ and push through them. 
Please help by sharing this post, and let me know if you are willing to help in any way. Thank you in advance 😊

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